As a young lad I was mostly interested in ceramics, spending hours and hours building hand sculptures and throwing on the wheel. The process was transformative for me, and I never completely left it behind as I learned to work in other mediums. Ceramics returned to the forefront briefly while I was an undergrad, but ultimately I found that art was much more than just sculpting. I branched out energetically for the first time in painting while attending junior college, where I discovered that ‘painting’ was much more than the formal and commercial concepts I had been taught. It was during this time, I believe, that I became interested in experimental art forms.

Mixed Media, Murals, & Installations

Recent Murals

The first mural I began after moving to Israel was across my kitchen cabinets. Coming from a background in cabinet making, I didn’t like the design of the cabinets in my home, so after returning from a trip to Italy where I was inspired by trompe l'oeil and the murals I saw, I began to paint my journey through life. It’s not done yet, so I don’t have any photos to show. In the meantime, I’ve done a couple of other projects locally, which are shown here below.

Wave Wall and Skate Park on Office Walls 

Starry Night Sky on Attic Bedroom Ceiling 

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Living Room Installation

Cow and clouds with acrylic and oil on panel with inlaid brass cloud frame on painted mural of fireplace hearth, detail of installation at Beyond Baroque Gallery