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Ravikum and the Multiverse: 

Mishka Fet has an eye to the sky and sees a lone creature living on a floating fish scale swerving about in midair, dry, and hovering. The creature is Ravikum, who believes that the land he sees far down below him is really a giant fish swimming on the surface of a giant sea—so, our story is partially about how Mishka Fet is forever captured by the image of Ravikum, and our story is also about perception, and dreaming of fish.

BoZa — Book of Zombie Apocalypse:

Where we can follow, in seven short pen and ink illustrated chapters, a man becoming a zombie, but in doing so eventually growing a life to dream with, as he is led walking with a herd of the remnant of humankind towards the end of one world and the surprise-beginning of another.

"She sat in the sitting room in a medium-green chair, my wife, her phone beeping constantly and the TV-clicker under an elbow, looking like a speckled remora periodically sucking at her white skin. Now all she does is sit and read, ever since technology consumed all that was left in the world, itself included. The hall and sitting room are littered with books and newspapers, old and new, framing hip-high a barely passable corridor leading from the sitting room door to her medium-green chair, like an excavation trenching inwards to the center of the world..."

Garden Stories:

I've always been fascinated with the origin story and how our world has been partially shaped by many of these dreams of the ancients. Even parts of our most advanced science is still reflected in the so-called mythology of our universe, and vice versa. In this series of stories, I explore relationships between us and our origins, drawing from my studies and experience having thus far existed.

Alternate Reality Stories:

My path in life has gratefully taken me to many places. But, once I was old and experienced enough to write down some of the memories from these adventures, I found that my experiences had, swimming hazily through my dreams, taken on a life of their own. These stories are some of those memories.

Days: Wake in the Morning, My patterns Return first thing; I doubt but I Grow.

I started writing when my kids were still young, wanting to read to them or their children writings from my own hand. I’m self-taught, and to improve I use my education and experience in technical and marketing writing, being a high school English teacher, and with postings made to:   

The Brave New Land