I started writing when my kids were still young, wanting to read to them or their children writings from my own hand. I’m self-taught, and to improve I use my education in technical writing, my experience working as a marketing writer, my current experience working as a high school English teacher, and semi-regular postings made to my blogsite – The Brave New Land.

The Abandoned Shrubbery — PDF

Having been left to their fate by upright walkers who left their dimensional realm, a donkey and a bull discuss their predicament while sitting atop a broke-down Ferris wheel jutting into the air from an abandoned amusement park.

Outside the Garden — PDF

A story told in a lyric style of original humans that grapple with choices they've made, the magic of industry, and the confusion of lost memory, while forced to survive and thrive in a brave new land built with their own hands.

Inter-dimensional Time Travel and a Biosuit — PDF

Exploring an accident my family had when I was young that launched me out of our moving vehicle and into outer-space.

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Space Walk — PDF

As a young child wandering through a dark suburban neighborhood, I discover a portal to another universe and begin to conduct research for as long as I am able; at least until the pull of our world's event horizon reestablishes its inexorable pull... 

The Waters — PDF

Battling a stormy sea at dusk, between the waters above and the waters below, I find myself alone and far out of my depth, on a surfboard.

Adam's Belly-button and Flying Fish — PDF

How Adam in the Garden of Eden discovers where his belly-button came from.

The Naming Queue — PDF

A story of a being, half man and half woman, who grants names, one at a time, to garden creatures who are standing in a very long line meandering down a wondrous valley, and bored out of their minds ... and also waiting to receive a name they already knew.

Under the Fig Tree — PDF

A story about garden creatures interrupted during their lives when humans in their midst break the world around them. 

Dog Talk — PDF

When I discover that the world I see around me isn't actually real to others, all except for my dog. 

Possibly Coming Soon:

  • BoZA – Book of Zombie Apocalypse: in which we follow, in seven short pen and ink illustrated chapters, a man becoming a zombie, but in doing so eventually growing a life, as he walks with a herd of the remnant of humankind towards the end of one world and the beginning of another. Video intro:​​

  • Fish Bowl  — A Poem of Love and Dirt:
    In which a bowl of fish adventuring fills in the void between half-full and half-empty; written with Seussian glee into realms only gestured at in previous writings: "And then something went SQUISH! How that squish made us skip! We looked! Then we saw him! We looked and we saw him step in with us! The upright walker! He stepped into the bowl with us only to sink!"

  • The Garden Demon: in which we follow the life of an unfinished creature that rides on the wind seeking the heavens, but gets lost in its own desires and trapped within itself, as it tries to become free by ignoring the facts of the world around it. 

  • Inside the Garden: in which we follow the creation of the world starting from the depths of the known universe; a story of birth told through a poetic palindrome-driven exploration that cycles back through our own forgotten narrative only to expand across our newly gained awareness of living. Video intro: You Tube

  • The Last Rotator: in which a lost soul finds purpose in darkness, seeking to outdo ancestral claims upon his person; but, alas, falls into a pit of ego and betrayal, just trying to become whole, all because he joined the always and unbending pull of humankind.

  • Dark Trip: in which, after leaving a neighborhood party, I traverse across my hometown late at night and I find myself lost in a new and unknown world; I attempt to avoid this new reality, but I lose my grip on it completely, and in the process I also lose my shoes inside a hill of mud.

  • The Mission and Love Lost: in which, while terraforming a planet buried within mechanical exoskeletons, our collective souls are ripped from each other; however, as we realize our loss and the end of our world, we are blessed with a window to love.

  • Into the Woods: in which part of my life's story is told, from LA to Boulder, including a race-riot, an earthquake, an overland adventure, hiking into the wilderness with my progeny in tow, making art alone in the dark, and ultimately expelling inner demons formed by my mother’s life-long battle with dissociative identity disorder. Video intro: You Tube

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