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In 2018, I began to finish some of the oil paintings I had been working on. The new works were transformative for me, connecting to past exploits into visual storytelling, but also developing many newly discovered philosophical liberties which I gained during studies after moving to Israel. I have also found that my craft has developed and improved. In terms of formal concepts, I mostly focused on painted panels in the past using glazing techniques, but the new work, while still employing some glazing, relies much more heavily upon direct paint application and removal, and taps into processes that invoke other mediums.

These new processes tie, as well, into the philosophical freedoms I’ve gained since moving half-way around the planet. In many ways, the methods I employ mirror the progression I have followed throughout my life. By gaining knowledge through the process, then removing what I recognize as both unnecessary and obtuse, followed by layering additional information and experience, etc., the work eventually becomes a story unto itself, reflecting upon the philosophy that it was built upon and then, possibly, even magically, transforming into a window that glints light back into my life.

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