BoZa - Book of Zombie Apocalypse

Where we can follow, in seven short pen and ink illustrated chapters, a man becoming a zombie, but in doing so eventually growing a life to dream with, as he is led walking with a herd of the remnant of humankind towards the end of one world and the surprise-beginning of another.


"Startling me every time, the alarm goes off and I think I must be dreaming. The thought of sleep rolls around in my head for a few breaths, then reality bites and I open my eyes with irritation searing at the morning darkness that permeates my tiny room. Clang-a-lang, clang-a-lang, clang-a-lang, the alarm keeps blaring, waking me from repetitious dreams that grant me peace and control to my worldview-asleep. Grumbling and moaning, I get up just like every other day..."

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