I began working with chalk many years ago, while still in high school. Over the years it has been my ‘go to’ medium when driven to jump-start my art process after a hiatus. After moving from LA to Boulder, Colorado, it took three years to begin again, but when moving to Israel in 2006, it took me almost seven to dig in and find my process. Inspired, literally overnight, I started to draw on an antique cherry-wood table I had been given when my grandmother died many years before. I set up my studio in the living room and began to draw.

In 2012, working on the table I brought with me to the Middle East, I drew my first drawing, Feast of the Leviathan. Since then I’ve worked through two separate studios in my home and for a spell at a community art center I partnered in developing in 2017. My works on paper have, since the spark was last rekindled, included commissions, illustrations, and stand-alone pieces. Like a sketch-book of living, my chalk on paper work continues to be my first-resort medium to express a desire to record my thought process and life adventures.