Alternate Reality Stories

My path in life, gratefully so, has taken me to many places and through many adventures. But, once I was old and experienced enough to write down some of the memories from these adventures, I found that my experiences had taken on a life of their own ... while swimming hazily through my dreams. These stories are some of those memories retold as I actually recall them happening.

Dark Trip

After leaving a neighborhood party, I traverse across my hometown late at night only to find myself lost inside a spore-addled new world. I attempt to view this new reality, but I lose my grip on it entirely, and somewhere along the line I also lose my shoes inside a hill of mud.

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Inter-dimensional Time Travel and a Biosuit

An exploration of an accident my family had when I was young that launched me out of our moving vehicle and into outer-space — video intro: You Tube

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The Waters

Battling a stormy sea at dusk, between the waters above and the waters below, I find myself alone and far out of my depth, on a surfboard.

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Dog Talk

When I discover that the world I see around me isn't actually real to others, all except for my dog. 

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Space Walk

As a young child wandering through a dark suburban neighborhood, I discover a portal to another universe and begin to conduct research for as long as I am able; at least until the suck of our world's event horizon reestablishes its inexorable pull... 

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