Alternate Reality Stories

My path in life has gratefully taken me to many places. But, once I was old and experienced enough to write down some of the memories from these adventures, I found that my experiences had, swimming hazily through my dreams, taken on a life of their own. These stories are some of those memories.

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Sleep Walk

"I was extremely proud of one image I grabbed, my brother clasping the shell of a giant tortoise, like the Vitruvian-man, as they both plummeted from my view, down the hill. My camera captured flashes of geckoes and centipedes, images of wild-feathered birds, and mammals of every size, as they all slipped down without a clue."

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Selfie in Space © DTNoll 4-15 דורונול.JP
Space Walk

A young boy leaves the safety of home to explore the unknown, where he learns that the universe is much more than the suburban cookie-cutter neighborhood he’d grown up in. Reaching the far reaches of space, acting as scientist and space-pirate, the boy discovers a portal to another universe. However, after uncovering alien archeology, the boy is challenged to finish his research in time, while the intergalactic police force is summoned and his mother begins to close in...

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Dark Trip © DTNoll 7-16 דורונול.JPG
Dark Trip

After leaving a neighborhood party, a teen traverses across his hometown late at night only to find himself lost inside a spore-addled new world. He attempts to view this new reality, but loses his grip on it entirely, and somewhere along the way he also loses his shoes inside a hill of mud.

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Inter-dimentional Time Travel and a Bios
Inter-dimensional Time Travel and a Biosuit

Exploring a car accident that occurred while still a young child, in which a boy is launched from the back of a moving vehicle; a story of a wild recollection vividly describing the experience of riding the accident into the far reaches of outer-space, only to abruptly return back to earth — video intro: You Tube

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The Waters © DTNoll 8-15 דורונול.JPG
The Waters

Battling a stormy sea at dusk, between the waters above and the waters below, a young man finds himself alone and far out of his depths, on a surfboard...

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The Walk © DTNoll 11-14 דורונול.JPG
Dog Talk

A young boy discovers that the world he sees around him isn't actually real to others, all except for his dog, who seems to grasp the truth, and for this, in return, is rejected by the boy in the end.

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