Garden Stories

I've always been fascinated with the origin story and how our world has been partially shaped by many of these dreams of the ancients. Even parts of our most advanced science is still reflected in the so-called mythology of our universe, and vice versa. In this series of stories, I explore relationships between us and our origins, drawing from my studies and experience having thus far existed.

The Jabbok © DTNoll 12-13 דורונול.JPG
The Garden Demon

Trapped in a world uncreated, and sucked into a realm unknown, a demon dwells on paths untaken, and amongst paths not meant to tell. Trapped in a lamp, illuminating the world, the demon struggles to become complete and to seek the One. In the latest story of our garden, we learn of more than what we hear from our ancestors; we tap into Talmudic reverie in order to understand that each person, in any moment, has a world that depends in some small measure upon the past, and also upon the world to come.

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The Mystic © DTNoll 5-15 דורנול.JPG
Inside the Garden

A story that follows the creation of the world: starting from the depths of the known universe; a story of birth told through a poetic, palindrome-driven exploration cycling back through our own forgotten narrative, and then expanding across our newly gained awareness of living — video intro: YouTube

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Wake © DTNoll 6-13 דורונול.JPG
Outside the Garden

A story told in a lyric style of original humans that grapple with choices made, the magic of industry, and the confusion of lost memory, while forced to survive and thrive in a brave new land built with their very own hands.

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Feast © DTNoll 10-12 דורונול.JPG
Fish Bowl - A Poem of Love and Dirt

A bowl of fish fills in the void between half-full and half-empty; written with Seussian glee into realms only gestured at in previous writings; such as: "And then something went SQUISH! How that ‘squish’ made us flip! We looked! Then we saw it; we looked and we saw it step in with us! The upright walker! It stepped into the bowl with us, only to sink."

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The Village © DTNoll 10-13 דורונול.JPG
The Abandoned Shrubbery

Having been left to their fate by the original upright walkers, a donkey and a bull discuss their predicament while sitting atop a broke-down Ferris wheel jutting into the air from an abandoned amusement park, inside what had been left of Paradise.

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Paradise © DTNoll 2-13 דורונול.JPG
Under the Fig Tree

A story about garden creatures that are interrupted during their complex and overwhelming lives when humans that dwell in their midst break the world around them. 

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Etrog in Space  © DTNoll 10-16 דורונול.J
The Mission and Love Lost — an undated log-entry

While terraforming a planet buried within mechanical exoskeletons, our collective souls are ripped from one another ... but, as we realize our loss and the inevitable end of the world we once knew, we are blessed with a tiny window to Love.

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Glass House © DTNoll 6-15 דורונול.JPG
The Naming Queue

A story of a being, half man and half woman, who grants names, one at a time, to garden creatures that are standing in a very long line meandering down a wondrous valley, and bored out of their minds ... and also waiting to receive a name they already knew.

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Geese over Greeley, date unknown.jpg
Adam's Belly-button and Flying Fish

How Adam in the Garden of Eden discovers where his belly-button came from.

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