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Some of my students' artworks:

I have taught drawing, painting, creative sculpture with wood and mixed media, creative writing, and English as an additional language. These are some past testimonials from adult students and some of the parents of students that I've taught:

“(Our son) is going crazy with the art.  Hours of it.  And we find what he is doing to be incredible.  We greatly appreciate how you have worked with him this year. Thank you!!”


"This is so great, I love seeing things through your eyes!"

"Just wanted to say how much (our daughter) enjoys your class. She came home super excited yesterday about what she’s making. Thanks!"

“We’d like to thank you for a creative and super productive year! (Our daughter) so enjoyed your discussions and time together. And we love her recent creation, nothing like being baked right into the holy Shabbat bread!”

“It was an experience that, on the one hand took me back to kindie, where I had to use pure imagination, and on the other hand it took me to new places socially and sociologically.  It was great fun watching a bunch of engineers struggle with the idea of art for art’s sake; definitely a thesis to be written on that!”

“It was a great class.  I assumed at the beginning that experimental meant the sculptures.  Now I understand it also means the students.”

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