Drew (Doron) Tracy Noll - Bio


  • Teaches English to all 9th grade A1 & A2 student groups at Ort, Binyamina, online from studio, due to coronavirus lockdown in Israel 


  • Begins teaching English as an additional language at Ort, Binyamina, a public high school in Israel, in the 8th, 9th, and 10th grades 

  • Graduates from Gordon Academic College with international certificate to teach English as a foreign language between grades 3 and 12

  • Travels to Zakynthos, Greece and is inspired to write about discoveries made there.



  • Begins writing as a guest blogger for Israel Travel Secrets about adventures as a new immigrant in the Middle East

  • Paints mural on bedroom attic ceiling of starry night sky

  • Teaches ceramics in after-school program and is technician responsible for production/facilities and kiln-firings at the Zichron Art Center





  • Paints mural on home office walls of breaking wave and pool skateboarder

  • Lectures to AACI (Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel) on artworks, Israel, and Zikhron Yaakov

  • Travels to Madagascar and tours the country extensively for one month




  • Exhibits drawings in group show at GilArt Gallery in Zikhron Yaakov, Israel

  • Is selected from GilArt group show by the editor for review in 'Magazine,' a local periodical in Zikhron Yaakov​​




  • Transfers to marketing communications, website design, and document management at Beth-El Zikhron Yaakov Industries


  • Travels to Italy for the third time, and for lack of a painting studio, is inspired to begin painting mural across kitchen cabinets in home


  • Attends intensive course at In OTHER Words LTD. and becomes certified as a technical communicator 

  • Promoted to International Sales and Marketing at Beth-El Zikhron Yaakov Industries  





  • Travels to Israel for eldest son's barmitzvah and to tour for one month


  • Woodworking studio participates in Boulder Open Studios, a 2-day juried exhibition, oil paintings and fine cabinetry, Boulder, Colorado

  • Woodworking review in the Rocky Mountain News of custom kitchen in Boulder, Colorado

  • Exhibits artwork in a group show at Exibitrek Gallery, Boulder, Colorado

  • Moves woodworking studio into a 200 meter industrial space and spends the next few years building business


  • Woodworking studio participates in Boulder Open Studios, a 2-day juried exhibition, oil paintings and functional art, Boulder, Colorado

  • Exhibits functional artworks in a group show at the Flying Frog Gallery, Boulder, Colorado

  • Travels with Israeli friend to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico to surf  


  • Painting studio participates in Boulder Open Studios, a 2-day juried group exhibition, Boulder, Colorado



  • Painting studio selected to participate in Boulder Open Studios, a 2-day juried group exhibition, Boulder, Colorado

  • Travels to Akumal and Chichen Itza in Mexico, rediscovers influence of undergrad education in the art of indigenous peoples


  • Exhibits oil paintings in a solo, juried exhibition at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado

  • Reviewed in Sunday Daily Camera, "Go and See: Today’s Best," by Daniel Zantzinger in Boulder, Colorado

  • Reviewed in the Boulder Weekly, Panorama Picks, Boulder, Colorado


  • Second son is born

  • Travels to Israel for a family wedding and tours the country for one month

  • Father contracts a glioblastoma brain tumor and  passes away 


  • Starts woodworking company, Big Sun Design, in garage with father's hand-me-down table saw and router


  • Installs "Living Room," a solo installation at Beyond Baroque Gallery in Los Angeles, California, about difficulties with family dysfunction

  • Reviewed in Artweek by Christopher Collette for "Living Room" installation at Beyond Baroque Gallery, Los Angeles

  • Moves to Boulder, Colorado; works for museums, galleries, in real estate, and learns cabinet making as employee


  • Begins work at the J. Paul Getty Museum as Exhibition's Preparator

  • First son is born

  • Exhibits in group show at LACE: “Gods, Clowns, Devils, and Personal Icons”, Los Angeles, California

  • Participates in The Red Zone: “Right to Remain Silent," a 'gorilla installation / performance piece in Los Angeles


  • Exhibits in the group show, “M.O.C.A. / Java,” at Java Coffee House, Los Angeles, California


  • Exhibits work in a group show at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery


  • Participates in the "V.E.X." group exhibition at the University of Southern California Gallery, Los Angeles, California

  • Awarded the faculty selected Fellowship Award from the University of California at Irvine

  • Becomes a teaching assistant in museum studies and for woodworking at the University of California, Irvine


  • Teaches drawing at the University of California, Irvine

  • Produces graduate thesis exhibition at the U.C. Irvine Gallery

  • Graduates with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California at Irvine


  • Exhibits work in group show at the Bad Eye Gallery in Los Angeles, California

  • Moves from Orange County to Los Angeles, California

  • Begins working for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles as Exhibition's Preparator


  • Participates in a group exhibition at the U. C. Irvine Gallery


  • Exhibits in solo exhibition at the California State Capital building in Sacramento

  • Exhibits work in honor's program Duel Exhibition at U.C. Santa Barbara Art Museum Auxiliary Gallery 

  • Awarded First Prize, University of Santa Barbara student exhibition


  • Reviewed in the Santa Barbara News and Review for mural created for the UCSB Art Museum

  • Reviewed on front page: Arts and Leisure section of Santa Barbara News Press for "Syndrome Throne"

  • Graduates as Summa Cum Laude with Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Attends the University of California, Irvine for graduate school

  • Is mentioned in the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Edition, by Cathy Curtis about UC Irvine graduate students

  • Converts to Reform Judaism, becomes Doron ben-Avraham, marries in parent's backyard, and honeymoons in Israel for one month


  • Awarded faculty selected Honor’s recipient, University of California at Santa Barbara


  • Attends art school at the University of California, Santa Barbara


  • Backpacks across the US and Canada, flies to Europe, travels extensively through most Western European countries and to East Germany


  • Exhibits work in a group show at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, California

  • Attends art school at Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, California

  • Attends art school at Orange Coast College in Irvine, California 


  • Awarded the Bank of America Award for artwork

  • Is recipient of juried Festival of Arts scholarship (reapplied, interviewed, and received for 5 consecutive years)

  • Attends art school at Orange Coast College, Santa Ana, California


  • Builds window frames with father, decides to continue woodworking as a hobby


  • Awarded first place in school art contest, decides to become a professional artist



  • Is born in Orange County, California

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